All Fitmo clients receive a free 7 day trial. This is a great opportunity to personally connect with a client on a daily basis, help them understand how Fitmo works, and offer them a one-of-a-kind coaching experience they can't find anywhere else!

Here are the Coaching Guidelines for Free Trial Clients 

  1. Coaches should reach out with a personal, welcoming message as soon as possible to trial requests from clients. To ensure the strongest client experience, all coaches should respond to all client messages and activity in less than 24 hours. This message should invite the client to share more information about their goals/needs, schedule a video chat, and build the personal relationship while encouraging the client to message back-and-forth frequently.

2. Having the Fitmo Coach app on your phone is an excellent way to receive and respond to trial requests asap; if you don't have an iPhone, logging into your Coach Profile every morning and evening is also a great way to check for any client requests and reach out right away. 3. Coaches should send daily messages to trial clients, along with a full week fitness or health plan, providing the client with a 'full service' experience of what it would be like to work with their Fitmo coach after the trial is over. 4. Coaches should also suggest and schedule video chat as soon as possible during the free trial, which is an excellent way to solidify that personal connection and relationship.
5. For trial clients that don't respond, send the client 1-2 messages everyday for a period of 4-5 days, encouraging the client to engage with you and share info and insight into their goals
6. Try a variety of approaches and messages to see if you can get the client to respond and get the most out of their free trial
Check out the 'Tips for Getting Clients to Subscribe' article for additional support.

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