What are training programs?

Training programs are plans that have been created by Fitmo’s certified personal trainers and health coaches. Training programs are a specific duration in length and pertain to a specific goal.

What is the difference between a training program and Fitmo daily coaching?

Fitmo Daily Coaching includes:

  • Unlimited messaging with coach;
  • Daily check-ins & feedback from your coach;
  • A personalized schedule with regular updates.

Fitmo Training Programs:

  • A fitness or health plan created by a certified personal trainer or health coach specific to a goal;
  • Weekly motivation to make sure you’re staying on track and working towards your goal
  • Low price (starting at $3.75/week)

Will I still be able to communicate with my coach?

Yes, it is still possible to communicate with you coach if you have any questions about the plan. However, if you are looking for more individual attention or would like a personalized plan, we would highly recommend purchasing a 1-on-1 coaching plan starting at $50- per month.

How much does a training program cost?

Training programs start at $15- per month. That’s only $3.75 per week!

Can training programs be modified?

Modifications to a training program is not possible. For a more personalized schedule, it is recommended that upgrade to daily coaching.

Can I cancel after I purchase a subscription?

Cancelling after purchase is not possible. If you have any questions, or concerns please feel free to contact us at support@fitmo.com.

This program is amazing, how do I upgrade to daily coaching?

Upgrading is easy, just send an email to support@fitmo.com. We will take care of the rest.

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