Fitmo recommends the following when it comes to messaging clients:

Basic Package Clients

  • All clients receive a free 7 day trial, regardless of the package they choose when downloading.
  • Please see 'Coaching Guidelines for Free Trial Clients' for tips and guidelines on coaching free trial clients.
  • Basic subscription packages only require 1 monthly video chat and 1 monthly fitness or health schedule.
  • No additional motivation, support or communication is required; though reaching out every 2 weeks with a quick personal message is a great way to connect with the client and try to up sell them to a Premium Package

Premium Package Clients

  • For premium clients, the frequency of messaging, video chats and scheduled fitness/health plans are up to the individual coach and client, however there are a few guidelines.
  • Fitmo recommends personally messaging the client at least once a day in addition to scheduling the client fitness or health plan, offering the support, accountability and personal connection the client needs to stay focused on the health goal(s).
  • Some clients may message daily and some may only message every couple days. The coach, however, should always be receptive to those messages and respond to the client as soon as possible.
  • All coaches must respond to their clients messages within 24 hours.
  • Video chatting preferences vary from client to client, however scheduling a video chat every 2 weeks is a good general rule. Some clients prefer weekly video chats; this is up to the individual coach, price point and needs of the client.
  • For scheduled fitness/health plans, some clients benefit from weekly or bi-monthly plans while other clients benefit from daily activities. Each coach should access the needs of the individual client and customize plans accordingly.

For additional support, please watch this quick, helpful video for a quick tutorial on How to Distinguish Premium vs. Basic clients, both during trial and after.

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