In an online 1-on-1 coaching subscription, the activities in your schedule are created by your coach. These activities are created based on your personal health / fitness goal. If you feel that you are missing an activity, recipe or workout in your routine, then we recommend that you inform your coach about this. He/she can make the requested changes in your schedule.

In a Training program, the activities are predetermined and fixed. In this case, you can’t request custom changes to your schedule.

Adding an activity manually

Let’s say that you decided to do a spontaneous activity / workout / meal that is an addition or variation to your existing schedule. You can manually add this event to your schedule and then track it, so that your coach can see what you did. It’s also a great way to keep a log for yourself.

Step 1:

Click on the ‘+ Add a New Activity’ card in your schedule. 

Step 2:

A new screen will appear. Select the date and category, then enter a title and description.

Finally, you can add an image to your activity

Click on the pink button - ‘Add activity’ to save the manual activity in your schedule.

Step 3:

You will return to the schedule week view. Your new activity will appear untracked in the schedule as a card. Don’t forget to track this activity to let your coach know you’ve done it! 

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