General Fitmo Payment Overview

  1. Every client - with the exception of trial users - connected to a coach will need to have an active subscription plan in order to use the service.
  2. Our payment system is secure, reliable, convenient and it supports many currencies*.

How Coaches are Paid

  1. Coaches choose their monthly rates.
  2. Fitmo recommend anywhere between $30 - $100 per month per client depending on the coach's years of experience and how hands on they are with each client.
  3. Fitmo takes a 20% commission on clients sent to a coach via the Fitmo Marketplace and a 10% commission on clients that a coach brings in personally. The commission covers the technical costs, credit card fees, customer service, marketing for coaches, etc.
  4. Clients are billed monthly and coaches receive payment via weekly transfers

By completing the transaction through Fitmo, both the coach and the client will be protected by policies, such as the free trial, a cancellation policy, money back and liability guarantees.

Our payments solution makes sure coaches always get paid, and on time.

The Fitmo Payment Solution

  • Helps coaches save valuable time by not having to create and send monthly invoices. Clients are billed and money is collected automatically.
  • Secure and reliable so no liability risks that your clients’ payment details fall into the wrong hands.
  • Allows you to focus on coaching rather than having to keep track of outstanding invoices and chasing down clients who still need to pay.

* Currently USD, GBP, EUR

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