Fitmo recommends that coaches check the Timeline and Client List found in their Coach Profile on a daily basis via their desktop or their phone. This allows a coach to stay current with any activities and messages from their clients, ensuring a timely and supportive response.

To ensure the strongest client experience, coaches should respond to all client messages and activity in less than 24 hours. And of course, as soon as possible is best!

For instance, when a client completes a workout or accomplishes a goal, getting a motivational message or encouraging response from their coach in a timely manner helps solidify the relationship and keeps the client satisfied and engaged. A win-win for both coach and client!

Tips for an Ongoing, Strong Client Experience

  1. Follow-up: About 2-3 weeks after the client initial video chat, coaches should schedule a follow-up video chat to check in how things are going.
  2. Celebrate milestone: One of the best aspects of having a coach is that they celebrate with you! Congratulate your clients when they have reached milestones or been particularly active that week! Motivational Badges are a fun, quick way to do this!
  3. Review goals: We need to continue to motivate and challenge clients, keeping them active and engaged! Measure and feel how they react on training and the progress that they are seeing. We recommend a check in to reevaluate goals and general activities every 2 months.
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