Fitness Content

  • Exercise content is already available within the Fitmo Coach app, but each coach is encouraged to create their own content as well as programs. 
  • Start by reviewing the content that is already available within Fitmo and then either writing or recording video content of yourself. We recommend creating content slowly based on your clients needs. 
  • Fitmo recommend 15-30 second videos for exercises/stretching types of videos: 

Nutrition and Wellness Content

  • Fitmo recommends writing and/or recording lifestyle and nutrition content for clients whose goals are related weight loss, wellness and meal planning.
  • This could be meal plans, health plans that include healthy lifestyle tips and recommendations, food and nutrition content, etc....
  • Customize nutrition content and health plans according to the needs and goals of the individual client.
  •  Fitmo recommends a max of 3 minute videos when recording informational videos 

Overall Content Tips

  • Make a few standard routines inspired by what you give your face-to-face clients. All content can be copied and then personalized to each client. 
  • Take as much time as you need to make and upload your own content.
  • Especially in the beginning, we encourage you use as many pre-made routines and content as possible! 

How to Record Content

  • Coaches can record content via iPhone, Capture app, Quicktime or iPad
  • Record and save the desired video, and then upload the video to YouTube 
  • Coach 'Creates Activity' for the client and adds the relevant YouTube URL link in the 'Media' section of the template. Voila! The client now has customized video content from their coach!
  • For additional support on creating client activities and templates, review the How to Create Templates article. 

Check out this article for additional info on Video Privacy Settings

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