Training Program FAQ- Fitmo Coach*

*This FAQ does not apply for event affiliated coaches

What are training programs?

A training program is a set health plan that has a specific duration in length and a clear start and end date. One of the main differences between 1-on-1 coaching and training programs is the amount of personalization and interaction the client receives. Training programs are not customized to the individual’s specifications and furthermore, daily check-in’s are not sold as part of the program. Furthermore, payment will be made upfront by the user.

How can I create a training program?

Technically speaking training programs are health plans that are applied as training programs. You can create a training program by first creating a health plan and then assigning it to a training program by going to business>training programs>’+’> training programs. Just keep in mind that all training programs need to be approved first. Step-by-step instructions coming soon…

Is there a minimum duration for training programs?

There is no minimum duration for training programs but we do recommend not exceeding 12 weeks.

Can any coach create a training program?

Both coaches listed and not listed on the Fitmo coach marketplace are able to create a training program however all training programs MUST be approved by the Fitmo team for quality and content before becoming available to the marketplace.

What content should be included in a training program?

Here is a guideline of what we think should be included in the training program. At the end of the day, you are the expert, so if you believe something is not necessary or you would like to add MORE to your training program, go for it. We’re open to suggestions.

As a guideline, training programs should include the following:

  • A clear start and end date with and last approximately 4- to 12- weeks.
  • A measure of progress: This could be a fitness test at the beginning, middle and end of the program or body measurements.
  • Weekly overview: An overview added on Sundays for the week to come. This can include motivational quotes, or an introduction into forming a new habit or workout type. Think about what you want the user to know before going into the week ahead. What will inspire them.
  • Tips & tricks throughout the program: This can come in the form of nutritional advice, recipes or of course fitness advice. You can also add youtube videos that you think would be interesting for the user to watch. Get creative!
  • Workouts/Health exercises

Do I need to still communicate with my clients?

The simple answer is yes. Clients can reach out to you via the app during the duration of the training program to ask questions. Furthermore, coaches will be expected to check-in with clients once a week. These check-ins should be straight-forward but offer some encouragement.

The purpose of these coach-client check-ins are to encourage the client to stick to the program, have an opportunity to provide feedback, and lastly, to allow the client to get to know you better. This is a great opportunity to up-sell 1-on-1 coaching and/or further programs to these clients.

Questions asked by clients outside of determined check-ins by the coach are expected to be answered depending on the complexity for the questions. For example, questions with straightforward answers i.e. Can I move my >Monday workout to Tuesday? Should I use 5kg or 10kg weights? Is corn really gluten free? Etc. are simple questions to answer.

However, if you feel that a user is asking a lot of questions and/or needs more help than a generic training program can offer then this would be the time to suggest upgrading to 1-on-1 coaching.

We understand that there is a fine line here. We don’t want you to answer a hundred questions per client but at the same time we don’t want to block communication between you and the client as we think this is a unique opportunity for you to sell additional services.

If you are unsure at any time whether the client is going too far, just ask and we would be happy to step in. Coach packages are new to us also, so we are looking to learn from this experience as much as possible and maximize this offering.

How much do I charge?

The price of the package is dependent on the duration, the amount and quality of the content. We do not have a set rate for how much a package should cost but it should be of value to the user when compared with your 1-on-1 coaching price.

The minimum price that can be charged is $15 per 4-weeks ($3.75/week).

How much will I get paid?

The profit-sharing model is as follows:

  • 50% Coach
  • 25% Distribution Partner
  • 25% Fitmo

Can coaches opt-out of providing customer support?

Coaches can opt-out of doing customer support and instead, for a fee, have Fitmo provide this customer support for the package. The fee for this is $1.50/week and will be provided by a personal trainer hired by Fitmo.

Who is the distribution partner?

A distribution partner can be either the coach, Fitmo or a 3rd-party. A coach is considered a distribution partner if they sell the training package through their own means i.e. through their website, social media, word-of-mouth. Fitmo is the distribution partner if the training package is sold either through the app, our landing pages or social media channels. In some cases a 3rd party distributor will be involved as some coaching packages will be sold through, for example, sporting events i.e. The Amsterdam Marathon.

How do I get paid?

All payments are done upfront and will be paid out during the regular payment schedule.

Can training programs be modified?

Modifications to training programs are not recommended or encouraged. Training programs are standard content that is not specialized to the client’s preferences.

What is the refund policy?

No, it is not possible for the client to receive a refund after purchase. If a client does have a complaint, we will look at these on a case-per-case basis.

Are the training programs still my intellectual property?

Yes, absolutely!

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