Tips for the initial Video Chat with clients

This is the first time a client will meet you! It’s important to make the experience as smooth as possible.

  1. Ensure that you have strong Wifi and a backup (e.g. provide their phone number or Skype name) in case anything goes wrong. 
  2. Professional appearance, in both clothes and person
  3. Call from a place that looks polished & professional, according to your coaching expertise and specialties. 

Tips for Structuring the Video Chat

It’s up to you to decide how to structure the conversation in a way that feel authentic to you and your style, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Short introduction. You're going to be asking the client very personal questions, so make sure the client knows who you are. 
  2. Start the conversation about the client. Most important question in the entire interview is “What are your goals?” It's been proven that people with a clear goals show higher engagement. *If goals are too far into the future, work with the client to establish short and medium term milestones towards that goal.
  3. Ask if the client has any injuries or limitations that you should be aware of. 
  4. Ask if there are any schedule conflicts, classes, etc. that you need to incorporate into their schedule. 
  5. Guage fitness & health level, and current exercise or eating routines
  6. Give an overview of the fitness or health plans you will send them so that the client knows what to expect. 
  7. Ask if the client has any questions about using the Fitmo tools. Teach them the three most important things: 1) Tracking Progress Together 2) Reminder to Sync their Apps 3) How your training/coaching method works 
  8. Remind them that you want lots of interaction & feedback in order to best support them! 

FUN TIP: Send the client a personalized message in the message feed shortly after your video chat to keep the connection & conversation going!

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