Uploading your own videos to Fitmo is a great way to take your training to the next level. If you upload your videos to Youtube, by default it’s set as a “Public” video, which means that anybody can view it.
But maybe you don't want your videos to be viewable to everyone, in that case you can make a video unlisted.

Making a video unlisted means that only people who have the link to the video can view it. Once your video is unlisted you can copy/paste the url in the Youtube section in Fitmo when creating your template. When you send your video through the Fitmo App only the clients that received that activity are able to see it.

Unlisted videos won’t appear in any of YouTube's public spaces, like your channel page or search results.

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Anyone who knows the video’s link can place the video in a playlist, even a public playlist. This could make the video visible on other parts of YouTube, including the homepage.

Your video could appear elsewhere on the web if you or anyone who you shared the video with shares it more broadly. For example, if somebody with whom you share the video goes on to share the link through an email or posts it on a blog, then all the people who access that link will be able to view the video.

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