In the case you would like to remove your coach, you may follow the instructions below. By removing your coach, he or she will no longer have access to your schedule. Please note that when you remove your coach you will need to select a new coach to continue using Fitmo. If you would like to cancel your subscription, but continue working with your coach until the end of the subscription period please follow the instructions under "how do I cancel my subscription?".

  1. Go to the Settings screen. Click on your coach, in this case 'Rob Musters'.

2. Click on the red ' Remove coach Rob' button. Click 'Yes' to confirm.

Note: Removing your coach will cancel your subscription and remove your connection to this coach immediately.
It will NOT remove any of the content that he or she might have added to your schedule, nor will this delete any of the messages between you and your coach. You’ll need to pick a new coach to continue using the app.

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