1. iOS: Ensure your Push notifications are enabled 

First thing  to do is go to the iphone settings and ensure you have push notifications turned on for the Fitmo Health app. At the bottom of the settings you should see the Fitmo Health app listed and when you click on the notifications it should look like this:

After that, can you fully close the app by going to your recent apps screen and swiping the Fitmo Health app away if it is open. To do this on new iPhones, you need to swipe from the bottom to the right. On older phones, you double tap the home button.

Once you have closed the app, Reopen the app. This should ensure that a token is registered with our backend systems so they can send notifications

If, when creating your Fitmo account, you've not allowed Push Notifications when prompted, you will need to fully delete the Fitmo app and reinstall it again. Then, when asked, you can allow push notifications. 

2. Android: Ensure your push notifications are enabled

Steps might differ depending on the android version your have.

You should have an App & Notifications menu option in your Android settings:

Open the App & notifications menu and then go to App info:

There, you will have the list of all your apps. Scroll down and tap on Fitmo Health:

Open "App notifications" and make sure that they're enabled. Your settings should look like this:

If your settings are already correct, fully close the Fitmo app, then turn the notifications off and on again, and reopen the Fitmo app.

If this article doesn't help, please reach out to support@fitmo.com

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