How to connect with Garmin Connect.

We currently do not yet have a direct connection with Garmin but we do have a workout around. Here's how you can get your workouts tracked on Garmin in Fitmo. You will need a Runkeeper account though. 

1: First connect Fitmo to your Runkeeper account: 
Here's how.

2: Setup your Runkeeper to fetch your workout data from Garmin Connect.
Here's how.

Once the two are setup you should automatically see the workouts appear in Fitmo. There might be a delay dependent on the synchronisation cycles of the different platforms. 

Note: The data synchronoised will also be made available for your coach to see - if you do not wish to share that information then you should not create the connection.

Note: Fitmo will not go in and download historical data. It will only receive new running data. 

Happy running! 

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