How can I connect 3rd party apps/ trackers?

You can connect other fitness tracker apps to Fitmo to import workout / running data into your schedule. This way, your coach will be able to see and analyze this data. We currently support - Jawbone UP, Fitbit and RunKeeper.

Step 1 :

Go to the ‘Settings screen’ by clicking on the bottom right tab button in the main navigation. Click on ‘Connect Apps’ in the list of options under Account Settings.

Step 2 :

Click on the tracker that you want to connect to Fitmo. In this case, we want to connect RunKeeper. When on the ‘Connect your RunKeeper’ screen, click on the green ‘Connect’ button. You will be taken to an external page of the tracker, where you can login to connect your account.

   Step 3 :

Once you have successfully connected, you will return to Fitmo. The connected tracker will now display a green ‘connected’ label next to it.

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