How to send a motivational badge + message?

To improve the interaction and engagement between you as a coach and your clients, you can send motivational messages to your clients directly from your desktop. In the timeline and on every client’s profile screen, you will notice a ‘motivation’ icon.

Click on this icon and you will see a ‘New motivation’ pop up, with an option to select one motivation icon and type a message and send it to your client!

What do clients see?

At the bottom of the Me screen, clients can see their coach’s interactions. These interactions are different than standard messages because they include a motivational badge. This message first appears as a full screen pop up, followed by a preview of the motivational badge + message.


Motivational messages will also appear in the message thread of you and your clients. The first two are sent automatically. We do that because we want to engage clients from the beginning, by tell them what to expect.

Client’s Iphone screen


Coach message screen

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