Guidelines for Strong Client Experience & Engagement

Tips for ‘Hooking’ the Client

The first week is the most important! We want you to build trust, so:

  • Don’t be late or cancel appointments and focus on the client's needs.

  • Encourage clients to interact with you,  ideally messaging daily!

  • Be prepared to invest about one hours in a new client their first week and about 10-20 minutes per client per following week.

Coaching Style

Coaching style can very from coach-to-coach, but generally we recommend the following:

  • Send very supportive messages, encouraging communication and information from the client

  • Ask lots of open-ended questions and tailor messages and health plans accordingly!

  • Make a client's schedule every week.

  • Ask for feedback and listen to the clients needs, customizing their plan and supporting them accordingly. 

  • Remind clients to let you know about scheduling conflicts and challenges such as business travel or weekend plans.

  • Instead of short, cold messages, use the Messaging feed to get to know clients, invite them share their needs, and solidify a personal connection.

  • Review all feedback before making changes

  • Personalize as much as possible

Tips for an On-going, Strong Client Experience

  1. For Premium clients, coaches should schedule a follow-up video chat to check in how things are going every 1-2 weeks.

  2. Celebrate milestones: One of the best aspects of having a coach is that they celebrate with you! Congratulate your clients when they have reached milestones or been particularly active that week!

  3. Review goals: We need to continue to motivate and challenge clients, keeping them active and engaged! Measure and feel how they react on training and the progress that they are seeing. We recommend a check in to reevaluate goals and general activities every month to keep the progress going!

  4. Remember: It's all about the client!! Frequent check-ins, quick response times and supportive messages are all essential to strong coaching and thus, excellent client experience.

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