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  1. Adding an activity to a client's schedule

  2. Coach App

  3. Coach Resignation

  4. Coaching Guidelines for Free Trial Clients

  5. Creating a Training Program

  6. Fitmo Platform Overview

  7. Fitmo system requirements.

  8. Guidelines for 1st Message to Clients

  9. Guidelines for Strong Client Experience & Engagement

  10. Guidelines for Video Chatting with Clients

  11. How can I add a new activity to my schedule?

  12. How can I add notes to an activity or workout?

  13. How can I add notes to my activity?

  14. How can I connect 3rd party apps/ trackers?

  15. How can I move an activity to a different date?

  16. How can I track an activity or workout?

  17. How can I track an activity?

  18. How do Clients Share Photos?

  19. How do I (coach) get paid?

  20. How do I cancel my subscription?

  21. How do I cancel my subscription?

  22. How do I remove my coach?

  23. How do I switch coaches?

  24. How do taxes work for clients?

  25. How do taxes work for coaches?

  26. How does a Coach remove Clients?

  27. How does the Fitmo payment system work?

  28. How Far in Advance to Plan & Schedule a Plan?

  29. How Frequently to Message Clients: Basic vs. Premium

  30. How Often Should a Coach Check their Profile & Message Clients

  31. How Often to Video Chat with Clients?

  32. How to add a Health Plan to a Client's schedule.

  33. How to change the monthly rate and currency of my subscription plan?

  34. How to connect with Fitbit.

  35. How to connect with Garmin Connect.

  36. How to connect with Jawbone Up.

  37. How to connect with Runkeeper.

  38. How to create a template?

  39. How to invite a new client?

  40. How to make an activity recurring?

  41. How to send a motivational badge + message?

  42. How to Stay Organized & Keep Track of High Volume Client List

  43. How to upload a picture

  44. How to use analyze?

  45. Intake Questions for New Clients

  46. New Client Notification

  47. Settings

  48. Store: How does it work?

  49. Tips for Creating & Recording Content

  50. Tips for Getting the Client to Subscribe

  51. Training Program FAQ

  52. Video privacy settings

  53. Video: How to create a workout with multiple exercises.

  54. Video: What are Activities, Templates and Health Plans?

  55. What are Fitmo's Privacy Policies?

  56. What are Fitmo's Terms of Service?

  57. What bank details are needed for me to receive payments?

  58. What can I measure?

  59. What does On-boarding look like for clients?

  60. When to Send Motivational Messages?

  61. Where Does Activity Data Appear?

  62. Workout Builder Tutorial

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